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Meet Hollie

After working in house for a number of well known brands, and gaining over 12 years of experience within the beauty, fashion and wellness industry, I launched Dumb Fox Media in January 2016. I offer brands a bespoke, all inclusive service from content creation, to social media management and continual customer engagement.


Having experienced a lack of brand and product understanding from agencies, who would look to outsource specific elements such as photography or videography, and in turn often dilute the message we were trying to achieve. I believed that by keeping everything in house, and by only partnering with companies from within this fantastic industry, we can offer a service that adds maximum value, keeps up to date with trends and delivers customer focus.


Since launching, my work has been recognised in Vogue, Stylist, Cosmopolitan and the Daily Mail, and viewed around the world. 


I have a great passion for really understanding what your target customer is looking for, and to do this I like to take a partnership approach and work with our customers to deliver the best results possible.

Our Values
Change is good
“The challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you are the best. Especially when you are the best.” We like to try new things and be creative with our content whilst keeping consistency. We monitor what works for you and we keep changing it until we find your formula. Assess - adjust - act
Passion for the industry
We know what we’re good at and we will never dilute our skills. We target beauty, fashion & the jewellery market because we know this is where we can add the most value.
Partnership approach
We take a partnership approach with our clients. We don’t speak tech and we believe in working together as a team in order to gain the best results.
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